Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lavender Essential Oil for Diaper Rash

One day, E got a diaper rash.

Shocking, I know, this has probably never happened to you.

Anyway, she got a diaper rash. In the past, we've put diaper rash cream on it, but I hate doing that because it's so thick it probably hurts going on. So last time, I used olive oil and Lavender essential oil instead. It worked great! I only put it on once, and within hours, it was better (sorry, no pictures this time). I just put a few drop of Lavender in my hand, added a dime-sized drop of oil, mixed with my finger, and rubbed it on her red little bottom.

doTerra Lavender Essential Oil
Awesome Stuff

Now, I do happen to sell Lavender essential oil, full disclosure, but the only reason i signed up was because I love to use them, and this way I get the wholesale prices. But you can order some from me here:

You can also order a travel "first aid kit" with lavender and seven other oils and a small olive oil as well for fifty dollars plus shipping, but email or comment for more info on that. (It comes in black if that's a concern for anyone)

doTerra Essential Oil Travel Kit
doTerra Lavender Essential Oil Travel Kit
I keep this on my keys and carry it with me everywhere!

A note on essential oils: Many people have brands that they believe are the very best, and everyone else's is crap. I am not one of those. I personally use three brands, all of which I think are great for different reasons, and each have oils that i love. They are also all in about the same price range. I would definitely beware of cheap oils or health food store brands, I haven't found one of those that are any good. If you would like more information on oils, or just more about my opinions, feel free to email or comment. This will not be my last post on oils.


  1. Where did you purchase this item? I am having a hard time locating.

  2. Sorry, I'm still new to this whole blogging thing. I didn't want to put the forever long random address in the blog text, especially since it doesn't even just link to lavender. Of course, I just remembered that you can put a forever long address in the programming and keep the simple one in the text. I'll do that next time.
    If you go here: and scroll down you can find lavender and add it to your cart. Thanks!


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