Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mosquito bite itch-stopper

I don't know about you, but we have a lot of Mosquitos around my house.

I told you a while ago how I keep them away with TerraShield. 
And that works great. 

Except when I forget to put it on. 

And actually, there's been a few times lately it hasn't been quite as effective as I'd like. At first I was worried that my oil was getting old or something, but then I talked to a friend who was also out that night and the mosquitos were eating through her chemical repellent. Then I didn't feel so bad.


When I get a bite, I just use Peppermint Essential Oil. 

I touch the oil bottle right to the bite, making sure that the oil wets the area.

Super easy.

But this can't be just any peppermint oil off the internet or from the store. I tried a friends' cheap internet oil and didn't notice a difference at all. I personally like TruEssence peppermint essential oil the best. I don't sell this one, so you can go to healyourbody.net and get it from my friend Holly. Now, normally I buy and sell doTerra and BeYoung. But after a lot of experience with a lot of different peppermints, I must say that TruEssence has hands down the best and strongest peppermint. Now, If you have doTerra, it will work fine as a distant second. And I just tried BeYoung's peppermint, but it was too late in the season to tell for sure if it's stronger than TruEssence. But don't even bother with the cheaper ones, those don't work worth squat for this particular ailment. Mosquito bites are actually the best way I've found to test peppermint quality.
     I do this as soon as I realize I'm itching it, and I usually find relief within minutes. This is probably the main reason I carry peppermint in my little oil first aid kit. 

Warning - Do not use the good peppermint on babies younger than 1-2 year old. Their little bodies can't handle the strong menthol. I used Lavender on my baby's bites.