Saturday, June 16, 2012

First-Aid Kit


Our Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Blog recently mentioned first-aid kits. How those tiny kits filled with band-aids that you buy from the store aren't going cut it in an emergency. And I don't mean end of the world emergency, I mean like someone got hurt and there's a storm, or I just burned myself, or whatever.
So anyway, I thought to myself, hey, I have a pretty good first-aid kit, maybe I'll get it out and see what's in there and then comment my suggestions. As I was looking, I realized that I've got a lot of some things, but others are missing.

Here is my kit:
DIY First-Aid Kit

It's just an orange tool box from Home Depot. I put a duck tape cross on the front.

Looks pretty distinctive, doesn't it?

In it, I have:
DIY First-Aid Kit

finger-splints and tube bandages and gauze (clearance from the grocery store), various size bandages and gauze (get those at the dollar store), band-aids, liquid bandage, butterfly band-aids, wart-freeze (coupon), moleskin,

DIY First-Aid Kit

solarcaine, saline solution, cold pack, silver solution (antiseptic), Redmond (betonite) clay (more on that another day, but you can google it if you just can't wait), iodine solution (antiseptic), sanitary pads (can be used for a large bandage), isopropyl alcohol,

DIY First-Aid Kit

safety pins, eyeglass kit, cough drops, bulb syringe, tape, hydro-cortisone cream, gloves, a glow stick (in case it's dark and there's no electricity) alcohol wipes, and more band-aids.


Still need to add a non-digital thermometer (especially since my cool digital forehead one is broken), burn cream, more gauze, handkerchiefs, a few pain killers (most of my pills are currently kept elsewhere), and maybe a suture kit.

What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

P.S. - this kit does not include things for flu - that is a whole 'nother kit that I will tell you about next time!

P.P.S. - this also mainly includes my conventional medical supplies. Supplements, oils, and other alternative therapies are separate. 


  1. Thanks for the ideas. I really need to start working on this.

  2. I would probably add some disposable gloves, a yardage of muslin to make a sling for a broken arm, ace bandage, and a toothache kit!

  3. scissors and tweezers are a must-have!


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