Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Regular" Health

Well hello again!
I don't think I've told you yet, but I have a little girl. Let's call her E. (I realized that if I'm going to share health information about my family, they might not appreciate me including their names.) Anyway, E. is 1 year old, and today was a rough day for her. She hadn't gone to the bathroom in 2 days. Which isn't that long, especially for a baby, but she had several tries that were painful and unsuccessful. So we went to the grocery store to the pharmacy section and got a little tub of baby suppositories. I put one in and within 15 minutes - success. Now she's fine. It was so easy to do, and cheap too; it only cost a few dollars. I know that glycerin and mineral oil aren't considered by some to be "natural" health, but sometimes I feel that if I can do it myself and it's not "drugs", it counts. I also know that some people become dependent on these and use them in place of nutrition, but I feel we've learned our lesson: More fruit, and no more than one string cheese per day!

What do you think?