Monday, July 30, 2012

Healthy Mosquito Repellent - Great for Babies!

Mosquitos are everywhere.

Last year, I would spend half an hour killing them before bed, only to have them magically reappear as soon as I'd lay down. I was worried about our baby, because she was only six months at the time, and I didn't want to use harsh chemicals on her, but she (and we) were being eaten alive. So I used an essential oil.
It's called Terra Shield. It is an oil blend specifically for bugs and mosquitos. I put about fifty drops in a four ounce spray bottle with tap water, and spray it on all of us before we went to bed. I know it works, because every night I forgot, we woke up with bites, and the nights I remembered, we didn't. It was pretty convincing. Now, if you're going to use it for an evening outside, you need to keep it near you and re-apply every hour-ish. But even doing that, I didn't run out of my bottle all summer, even using it practically every day. I think that's pretty good if you ask me.

doTerra Essential Oil Terra Shield Mosquito Repellent
Non-toxic mosquito repellent

Again, this is another oil I sell. Only because I think it's awesome.

If you are local, you can buy the oil and bottle set for fifteen even. If you're not local, you have to pay shipping, or you can find your own bottle and just buy it from, but trust me, a nice spray bottle is worth it. I started out using one of those hairspray type bottles, and it's just too hard on your hands to do that much spraying, and gets annoying real fast.

Anyway, I really like it. Let me know what you do for mosquitos; I've heard that witch hazel is a good repellent, I've been thinking of adding some of that to the blend and using less water. Another friend takes a drop of peppermint internally. Haven't tried that yet, and it wouldn't work for a baby, but it's supposed to be great.
I'd love to hear what else works!

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