Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Best Flu Solution EVER

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but there seems to be a nasty bug going around.

A few weeks ago, My family all gathered for my Grandmother's LDS Mission Farewell. She's going to Salt Lake City, UT for geneology. Well, we spoke, sang, ate, and had a good time together. Then on Wednesday my brother got sick: nausea and diarrhea. Then I get home and my husband is sick: nausea, diarrhea, headaches. Then I feel slightly nauseous sometimes. Then my dad and other brother get sick: same thing. Now, this isn't like a regular flu. We didn't throw up a lot (or at all some of us), and it went on forever. Over a week. My dad and brothers just took it easy and waited it out, but my hub and I took this thing called BetterWPD (It used to be called MMS). Awesome stuff. My husband took it a few times and it helped him feel better and normal quicker. As for me, I took it towards the end when I was tired of the nausea. The first time I did it work great and I felt better. Then I stayed up too late and was sick again the next day. My bad. So I took it again, went to bed early, and that was that.
I used BetterWPD for flu

What it is is a chemical that kills pathogens. So even if this was a virus, which some say it is, it still worked for us. And even though it's a chemical, it's better for the body than the pathogen is.

I love this stuff. My parents are getting some, and I am pretty much convincing everyone I know to get some because it's good for so many things (unofficially and anecdotally of course). Plus, it's officially for purifying water, and lasts a lot longer than most other options out there, so it's a great thing to have just for emergency preparedness. Plus it's cheap. Can't get better than that.

Now, from how I'm raving about this, you'd think I sell it. Nope. Just a fan.
Get it from their website

mini BetterWPD for 72-hr kit
P.S. -the mini size is great for 72 hr kits too!

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